Infertility Treatments



Laboratory procedure to separate fast-moving sperm from the non-moving sperm.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)


The process of fertilization that involves extraction of eggs, retrieval of a sperm sample, and then manual-combining of an egg and sperm.

ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection


An effortless and painless process where a single sperm is injected into the centre of an egg.

TESA - Testicular Sperm Aspiration


Surgical procedures that may be used to find sperm in the male partner.


Embryo Freezing

Technology that is used in the embryo and egg freezing process so that they can be stored for later use.

Fertility Preservation


Egg freezing is a method of fertility preservation, which allows women to freeze eggs for later use.



A procedure that allows for the precise removal of tiny volumes of testicular tissue is areas of active sperm production using a microscope.

Donor Treatments

Donor Treatments

At an egg bank, donor eggs are collected and frozen for purchase, similar to the way a sperm bank operates.

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IVF Treatment in Saudi Arabia

IVF Treatment in Saudi Arabia

Are you searching for the Best IVF Centre in Saudi Arabia? Most of the Couples from middle east countries like Saudi Arabia like to travel to India for fertility treatments. At Juhi Fertility Centre Hyderabad we provide the high success rate IVF treatment by the best fertility doctor.

Our IVF centre has cutting-edge equipment that promotes a high success rate for IVF in Saudi Arabia patients. Book a Free Tele Consultation with our IVF Specialist.

IVF Cost in Saudi Arabia

IVF Cost in Saudi Arabia

IVF Cost in Saudi Arabia is more expensive than India. The estimated IVF Treatment Cost in Saudi Arabia is around 16000 - 20000 SAR (3,20,000 to 4,00,000 INR), which must be easily payable by any couple of saudi arabia, whether they are rich or poor. At Juhi Fertility Centre Hyderabad we offer affordable IVF Cost comparing to Saudi Arabia.

Planning to visit India for IVF Treatment? Get Low Cost IVF Treatment by the Best Fertility Doctor in India with highest success rates for the infertile couples across the glob.

Best Infertility Treatment In Saudi Arabia With Highest Success Rate.

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Low Cost IVF Treatment in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Nirmala Agarwal

M.D, D.G.O.
Fellowship in IVF – Cleveland, USA
Advance Infertility Training in Germany
Fellowship in Laparoscopy – Beams institute Mumbai

Dr. Nirmala Agarwal is one of the Best IVF Doctor who frequently visits Saudi Arabia to treat infertile patients. She is a qualified gynecologist and obstetrician from O.U (Osmania University) and fellow of IVF and Infertility from Cleveland, USA.

Dr. Niramala Agarwal is having more than 30+ Years of experience and has been passionately providing IVF Treatment for Saudi Arabian Couples for the last 15 years. She started Juhi Fertility Centre in 2010 & she treated more than 3000 couples with a high success rate of pregnancy and is considered as the Best IVF/Infertility Specialist in Hyderabad.

Why Choose Juhi Fertility Centre

High Success Rate

Dr. Nimala Agarwal helping saudi arabian infertile patients with over 70% Success Rate from last 15 years and maintainig a track record of successful IVF pregnancies.

World class fertility care

Juhi Fertility Center is proud to have played a key role in bringing more than 5,000 babies into the world since 2010.


At Juhi Fertility Center, we offer the most affordable IVF & other fertility treatments for Saudi Arabia patients by the Best infertility specialist.


Get IVF Treatment by one of the Best IVF Centre in Saudi Arabia with attractive offers & Discounts in India.



The Success Rate of IVF Treatment in Saudi Arabia

IVF Success Rate in Saudi Arabia will depend on factors such as the maternal age, reproductive history, infertility cause, and other lifestyle factors. Most of the time, after an initial consultation, you will receive an approximate of your chances. Bear in mind that even if implantation occurs, you will have to keep in close contact with your doctor and receive continued guidance and treatment.

IVF 68% to 74%
IUI22% to 31%

What People Say About Us

Thank You God for sending an Angel called Dr. Nirmala Agarwal in our lives who gifted us with a priceless gift of our lives. I got pregnant here in Juhi Fertility Center under Dr. Nirmala Agarwals Treatment & her team.
Dear Doctors and entire staff we are really Thankfull to You a lot and wish you get success in each and every case you handle and should in no:1 position. We are really greatful to you once again that you have given us and our family members
Md. Kaif
Dear Dr.Nirmala Agarwalji Madam, I am very glad to say that you and your staff made my life meaningful, Right from the day first you have given right kind of Treatment and Supportive positive nature towards me. Which is comes to me a great day.
Madiha Bint Kausar
I am Rahebin having excellent Treatment in your hospital. Every nurse is Cooperative. Every doctor is Cooperative and very thankful for your hospital for the Treatment. Treatment is good.
Thank to Allah first, I am very very happy, because, I am very distrub with me. Now i am happy and my husband also very happy. Thank to hospital Juhi Fertility Center's of life Fertility Treatment hospital and thank to Dr. Nirmala Agarwal. Ok pray for me
Farheen Siddqui
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Experience & Trust

Experience & Trust

30+ years experience with 25,000+ happy customers



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Personalized Care

Personalized Care

Utmost care during the entire treatment at the clinic

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Who is the Proper Candidate for IVF?

IVF can be used to treat infertility in patients suffering from the following issues:

  • Woman with Blocked or Damaged Fallopian Tubes.
  • Male Factor Infertility including decreased sperm count or sperm motility.
  • Women with Ovulation disorders, Premature Ovarian failure & Uterine fibroids
  • Women who have had their fallopian tubes removed.
  • Man or Woman with a genetic disorder.
  • Unexplained infertility causes.

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