Male infertility is a sexual health condition in a man that lowers the chance of a woman getting pregnant. If the woman cannot get pregnant even after having unprotected intercourse for over a year, then the couple might be suffering from infertility problems.

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Male Infertility Treatment in Hyderabad

There are causes for infertility treatment of which over a third of infertility cases are because the man is infertile. Male infertility is mainly due to problems with sperm production or sperm delivery. About 13 out of 100 couples cannot get pregnant even after unprotected sex. This can be corrected by opting for Low Sperm Count Treatment in Hyderabad.

What are the causes of male infertility?

Some of the main causes of male infertility are as follows:

  1. Sperm disorder
    Proper traveling of mature and healthy sperms depends on many conditions. Most of these can be treated by opting for Azoospermia Treatment in Hyderabad. There is a growth of cells for fertility within the sperm. However, the problem with the same can be a cause of infertility in men.
    The most common problem with sperms during sperm production and growth are:
    • Less number of sperms produced
    • Not completely grown
    • Oddly shaped
    • Not moving in the right way
    • Azoospermia or no sperms at all
    Other causes are:
    • Smoking
    • Alcohol
    • Certain medicines that affect fertility
    • Long term sicknesses such as kidney failure
    • Mumps or other kinds of childhood infections
    • Hormonal or chromosomal problems
  2. Retrograde ejaculation
    It is a condition where the semen ejaculated during sexual intercourse goes backward into the bladder instead of releasing out through the penis. This happens when the muscles of the bladder do not close properly during intercourse. The semen contains healthy sperms but these sperms do not reach the vagina for the pregnancy to occur.
  3. Varicoceles
    This is a condition where the nerves of the scrotum are swollen. They are more common in infertile men. They block the proper blood drainage which harms sperm growth.
  4. Immunologic infertility
    It is not a common cause of infertility. In this, the antibodies attack the sperms which makes it difficult for the sperm to swim through and enter the vagina. They keep the sperm from moving and working properly.
  5. Hormones
    The hormones from the pituitary gland indicate the testicles make sperms. Very low hormone production affects the production of sperms.
  6. Chromosomes
    Sperms carry half the DNA and any kind of change in the structure and number of chromosomes can affect fertility.
  7. Obstruction
    Parts of the male reproductive part can be blocked due to continuous infections, surgery, or swelling which in turn block the sperms.
  8. Medication
    Some medications can cause a change in sperm production, function, and delivery. Medications for common health problems that cause infertility are:
    • Cancer
    • Arthritis
    • Depression
    • High blood pressure
    • Infections

How can male infertility conditions be diagnosed?

It is tough to figure out the reason for male infertility. It is most often due to sperm production or delivery.

These steps are usually followed during the diagnosis:

  1. Physical examination and history of the patient
    The doctor goes through your medical history to figure out if you have had any kind of illness or infections that could affect your fertility. A physical examination is then done to find out if you have any kind of physical conditions that could affect your fertility
  2. Semen analysis
    Semen analysis is a simple lab test where the semen is collected and examined to check the sperm’s health and condition. The sperm count, mobility, volume, and structure are carefully examined
  3. Transrectal ultrasound
    Ultrasound is performed on the rectal region of the body to check if there are any poorly formed or blocked seminal vessels or ejaculatory ducts that could cause sperm blockage
  4. Testicular biopsy
    If the semen analysis shows a low sperm count, a testicular biopsy is performed. After administering anesthesia, a cut is made in the scrotum and a small piece of tissue from each testicle is removed and examined under the microscope
  5. Hormonal profile
    Hormones that are responsible for producing the sperms are examined to learn how well your testicles make sperms and also help to rule out the major health problems

Male Infertility Specialist in Hyderabad

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