10 lesser Known facts of Infertility

Infertility means the inability of a couple to have a baby. Even in these modern times infertility is considered a social stigma. The cause of infertility can lie with either of the partners. Here are few lesser known facts of Infertility.

Male infertility :

In India, the society is a male dominated society. It is difficult for family members to accept the fact that the male partner could be the problem while the female could be normal and fertile. The causes of abnormal sperm production could be genetic or health defects or even an unhealthy lifestyle.

Infertile couples have more than one factor that contributes to their infertility :

There can be more than one cause of infertility in either the woman or the man. Endocrinological or hormonal malfunction like PCOS, diabetes, physiological disorders like misshapen uterus or testicles, stress, smoking and drinking could individually or jointly be the cause of infertility.

Infertility affects both men and women :

Infertility affects men as well as women. It is very rare that both partners can be infertile but there are cases where both partners have fertility issues and have to resort to other options for a baby like adoption, surrogacy etc.

It is true that diabetes is a natural contraceptive :

Diabetes is a hormonal disorder. Excessive quantities of the hormone insulin which causes diabetes can also affect ovulation and cause PCOS. Hence it is safe to say the people inflicted with diabetes are very prone to infertility.

Smoking decreases fertility :

Smoking is one of the most dangerous health risks in the world. It can cause serious problems like cancer and other disorders like infertility in the smokers be it men or women. Smoking impairs the quality and quantity of the eggs and sperm production causing infertility or the inability to have babies. Quitting smoking and following a healthy lifestyle can greatly increase the chances of conception.

STD causes infertility in both men and women :

Sexually transmitted diseases are serious and can sometimes be fatal. Here a man can infect the woman and a woman afflicted with STD can also infect the man. Such diseases are both viral and bacterial and cause severe infections and inflammations in the reproductive systems of the males and females rendering the affected organ ineffective. It is a major factor of infertility in men and women.

Age affects fertility :

Ageing slows down all bodily functions including the reproductive abilities. After age 35 a woman’s productivity of ovules or eggs starts reducing significantly making it difficult to conceive. Similarly a man’s sperm production ability starts declining leading towards male infertility.

Stress affects fertility :

It is common knowledge that stress is the root cause of most ailments. When a person is under stress there is a tendency to eat comfort food over and above or during regular meals. This causes a lot of weight gain. Extra weight has its own problems including obesity which is one of the major causes for infertility in both males and females.

Fibroids cause infertility :

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumours made of tissues which form inside a woman’s uterus. The smaller ones may not hinder conception but will affect the embryo adversely. The larger the fibroid the higher chance of infertility because fibroids also can cause obesity.

There is a good chance of natural conception after the first IVF procedure :

A study in the US has found that many women who had their first baby through IVF procedure can have natural and normal pregnancy and deliveries about two years after the first delivery.

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