IVF Cost In India - Test Tube Baby Cost in Hyderabad

IVF Cost In India - Test Tube Baby Cost in Hyderabad

Juhi Fertility, located in Hyderabad, provides cutting-edge IVF treatment that is highly advanced. The procedure of In Vitro Fertilisation necessitates the fertility expert to extract eggs from the ovary and combine them with the partner's sperm in a laboratory setting. The resulting fertilised eggs, known as embryos, are subsequently implanted into the uterus.

Test Tube Baby Cost in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, India, the starting price for IVF treatments falls within the standard range. Couples can discover the most cost-effective and dependable IVF packages in the city of Hyderabad. Our specialists carefully review and analyze each individual's medical reports, providing consultation on the expected outcome of their infertility treatment.

The IVF cost in Hyderabad covers all necessary medical procedures, diagnostics, and treatments. Fertility World, a renowned IVF center in Hyderabad, offers reasonably priced IVF treatments with a success rate that has remained high over the years. The IVF treatment cost ranges from INR 90,000 to 2.50 Lakhs.

List Of Factors Which Contributes In The IVF Cost In Hyderabad

The IVF cost in Hyderabad is influenced by several factors, including the age of the female partner, the duration of infertility, specific infertility concerns, and the type of IVF cycles required. One significant cost-contributing factor is the laboratory charges, as the entire IVF procedure takes place within a controlled environment, making it relatively expensive.

In certain cases, prior to undergoing IVF treatment, additional procedures such as IUI or ICSI may be recommended, which can potentially help reduce the overall cost of infertility treatment. Additionally, some couples opt to freeze embryos for future use, which can increase the overall cost of the treatment.

Procedure of Test Tube Baby Hyderabad

Procedure of Test Tube Baby Hyderabad

Step 1:

Stimulation of Ovaries

During a typical menstrual cycle, only one follicle, which contains an egg, usually matures. However, in the IVF process, ovarian stimulation is performed to encourage multiple follicles to develop.

Step 2:

Monitoring Follicle Growth using Ultrasound

Throughout the ovarian stimulation phase, ultrasounds are used to monitor the growth and number of follicles in the ovaries. On average, three to four ultrasounds are conducted during this period.

Step 3:

Triggering Ovulation

Once the follicles have reached the desired size, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is administered to stimulate the final maturation of the eggs.

Step 4:

Retrieval of Eggs

The eggs that have been collected are carefully preserved in a specialized incubator within the laboratory.

Step 5:

Preparation of Sperm

On the day of egg retrieval, the husband is required to provide a semen sample through masturbation. A clean, wide-mouthed container provided by the lab is used for this purpose.

Step 6:


After three to six hours of egg collection, a measured volume of prepared sperm suspension is added to the dish containing the eggs, facilitating fertilization.

Step 7:

Embryo Transfer (ET), Implantation, and Outcome

The embryo transfer procedure is performed between the second and fifth day following oocyte retrieval. This simple procedure takes place under sterile conditions and does not require sedation.

Final Words

IVF price in Hyderabad, Test Tube Baby treatment is recognized as one of the most successful approaches to address infertility issues. Infertility is often caused by hormonal imbalances that impact the fertility levels of both men and women. Advanced infertility treatments, while being invasive, offer significant benefits in resolving fertility-related concerns. Test Tube Baby treatment in Hyderabad is an advanced fertility technique that holds promise for individuals seeking solutions to their fertility challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Embryo Freezing cost in Hyderabad?

Following ICSI, many couples prefer to preserve their fertilized eggs for future use. Doctors may recommend transferring frozen embryos instead of fresh ones, as frozen embryos have a higher success rate. The IVF treatment cost in India ranges from approximately Rs. 135,000 to Rs. 150,000.

What is the cost of Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) in Hyderabad?

In Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), embryos obtained from a previous IVF cycle are transferred to the uterus. The overall cost of FET is significantly lower compared to the entire IVF treatment. In Hyderabad, the cost of the FET process typically ranges from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000.

How much does Laser Assisted Hatching cost in Hyderabad?

Laser Assisted Hatching is a unique method of infertility treatment recommended by IVF consultants to facilitate the attachment of embryos to the uterus. In Hyderabad, some of the best IVF centers offer this procedure at an approximate cost of Rs. 150,000.

What is the cost of Surrogacy in Hyderabad?

Surrogacy involves engaging another woman to carry a child until birth. The cost of surrogacy can be significant as it involves finding a healthy female to voluntarily carry the child on behalf of the intended parents. The overall cost of surrogacy varies depending on multiple factors, including the IVF treatment cost, medical expenses for the surrogate, antenatal care, mode of delivery, and other factors.

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