Can hereditary factors be a cause for Infertility?

The lifestyle we are living in the current times is not healthy at all. Pollution, work stress, family stress, almost everything is stressful. Stress aggravates and intensifies the latent or inherited disorders. Lifestyle makes a lot of difference to health and infertility issues whether inherited or incurred.

All around the world, when people don’t get a positive result they get frustrated and sad as they aren't able to conceive a child. But, struggling to have a baby doesn’t mean that there’s something “wrong” with you! Many people in the world are fighting infertile, so this is a common health condition.

Nevertheless, you may be surprised to hear that infertility can run in families which means that the success percentages of conceiving naturally can be comparable to your parents or siblings.

Many females are not able to conceive and deliver a healthy baby due to hereditary determinants. Seldom, this is because of an inherited chromosome deformity or a single-gene defect transferred from parent to kid.

A common disorder which was earlier considered a stigma, an untreatable affliction, is now being discussed openly and a lot of medical research has been done to resolve this problem. This problem is infertility. It is the condition where a couple is unable to have a baby because of fertility issues in either the male or the female of the couple.

Everyone needs to know there is no single INFERTILITYGENE. But chromosomal variations, hormonal disorders, organ structural disorders affect the chromosomes and get passed on to the coming generations.

Contrary to common opinion, infertility does affect as many men as women. Lifestyle, heredity factors and hormonal disorders are a few causes of infertility. Main causes of infertility, especially in women are PCOS, hormonal imbalance, obesity and structural abnormalities like Endometriosis, retroverted uterus and others. Any of these could be hereditary or incurred. A qualified gynaecologist is the best person to assess and advise on the best fertility treatments.

Main causes of infertility in men apart from hereditary causes are smoking and drinking. These are considered as lifestyle created problems. A genetic cause of infertility is disorder in the chromosomal conditions or gene mutations that affect sperm production. Delayed development or growth in a male also affects sperm quality and production. The health and quality of the sperm are very essential for fertilisation of the female eggs or ovules because fertilisation is the key to conception.

A shift to a better lifestyle like quitting smoking and drinking, getting rid of stress, eating healthy food, exercising, spending a fun and happy times with family and friends will significantly improve quality of life and reduce the symptoms of infertility to a large extent in both men and women.

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