Exercising to help improve Female Infertility

As we begin the new year, many people make resolutions to exercise more and eat healthier to lose weight. While many people take up these resolutions because they want to look good, consider what these activities could do for your female infertility. Check out how exercise while trying to conceive can improve your infertility and help you start your family.

Boosting your infertility to exercise for women

Boosting your infertility to exercise for women who participated in at least 30 minutes of daily exercise reduced their risk infertility due to ovulation issues. However, some vigorous exercise can actually harm your fertility. Because of these some confusing results, fertility experts recommend women relax the intensity and duration of their exercise for the best fertility boosting results.

Depending on your conditions like your age, menstrual cycle, the condition of your uterus, and the quality of your partner’s sperm, your infertility doctor can determine what is too much or too little exercise for you. It is one of the most important factor for women trying to conceive. Doctors want you to achieve your body weight; sometimes exercise can help you to regulate that weight.

To create a fertility exercise plan, start with 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. You may break and sweat, but you don’t want to be exhausted and completely out of breath. Try low-impact, moderate cardio exercises, or moderate strength training. Yoga can also be beneficial to improve your fertility because it helps with relaxation and flexibility, in addition to reducing the stress that infertility may cause.

Here at Juhi Fertility Center, we not only want to provide treatments for your female infertility but also educate you about it. Check out about the causes of infertility and how to prepare for your new baby.

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