How to Prepare for a Fertility Consultation with Juhi Fertility Centre

For those who have been referred to a fertility specialist, the first fertility consultation may seem daunting in the time leading up to your appointment. At Juhi Fertility, we understand that you may not have expected to find yourself seeking fertility care, and that entering the fertility community is a very emotional process, especially prior to a formal diagnosis.

Our goal is to make the consultation experience as stress-free as possible. We don’t want anyone to enter into a fertility screening and treatment plan with reservations because the consultation didn’t go as planned or their confidence was shaken. We’ve prepared recommendations for patients who are preparing for their first consultation with our practice, and our suggestions are detailed below.

  • Outline as many questions as possible ahead of the appointment –
    Often, patients report to our physicians that they only remembered their most important questions after a consult has already taken place. This can be frustrating, as it feels like a missed opportunity to ask an experienced provider your most pressing questions. In order to try to avoid this, we suggest writing down or noting on your phone all of the questions you have at this time in order to organize yours thoughts/concerns in a way that’s productive for the appointment.
  • Confirm your insurance coverage prior to the appointment –
    We advise that patients confirm their insurance coverage with their provider directly prior to their first appointment. Our financial team is able to assist with most patients’ questions regarding treatment cost, but specifics about your coverage will likely need to be addressed with your insurance provider. Having this settled before your consultation will provide peace of mind because you’ll know what you will be responsible for financially.
  • Ask whether there’s any paperwork you can complete at home –
    Often, you can save time in the waiting room by completing some of your new-patient paperwork from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Contact our staff to see whether it’s possible for you to complete and return paperwork online before your appointment. This may not be possible for all consults/appointments, but in the event it is, you can take advantage of this option.

You can book an appointment with Juhi Fertility at one of our locations today.

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