IUI for Male factor Infertility

When it comes to male infertility, the most common test is the ‘semen analysis’. Here, the man provides a semen sample, which is tested for the sperm count, mobility, volume, shape, and DNA. The results usually take 3-5 days. And the result declares the sperm to be healthy and of good quality, the specialist will go for IUI or intrauterine insemination.

IUI is a technique where the sperm is inseminated inside the uterus directly, thus, increasing the chances of conception. This technique is usually recommended when the infertility issue is unknown or if the sperm count is very low. Your IUI Doctor might also use drugs to trigger the ovaries and even to combat Male Infertility.

The male partner produces the semen sample usually through masturbation and then ejaculating into a sterile cup given by the clinic. Storing the semen in an unclean and unsterile cup will not fulfill the requirements and can damage the sperm present in the semen. It is important to abstain from ejaculating two to five days before you are asked to produce the sample. Once the sample reaches the lab, it is washed. Semen washing is a technique where the lab technician separates the healthy sperm from non-mobility sperm and other particles of the semen. Even if the specialist uses the donor sperm, the procedure will remain the same.

Some patients are not okay with using this technique to collect the semen either because of religious reasons or some other factors. For them, the specialist may suggest a special condom to use while having intercourse in order to collect the semen. To know more about it, talk to your specialist or visit your Juhi Fertility Centre. Our doctors will be able to steer you in the right direction.

The time taken for the IUI completely depends on the specialist is using an ovulation kit or any other fertility drugs and injections. For instance, the patients will only have one IUI, but using drugs such as gonadotrophins, will require two IUI. This will be done with a 24 hours gap.

During the procedure, the female partner lies on the examination table where a speculum is inserted inside the vagina to keep it open to perform the procedure. Then, a long, thin, and flexible tube is inserted in order to transfer the semen inside the uterus. The whole procedure usually takes less than 5 minutes. Once the IUI is complete, the patient is asked to lie down for a few more minutes. Mild cramping might be experienced post IUI, however, it passes quickly. The patient can resume her normal duties and even return to work. But, heavy lifting or an intense workout is forbidden.

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