Lifestyle Choices to Adapt While Undergoing IVF Treatment

A healthy lifestyle is the best cure for all ailments including infertility. A fit mind and body are most essential to undergo the process of pregnancy and having a baby especially if even one of the couple has fertility disorders.

The best way to begin treatment for fertility is to have a healthy, regulated lifestyle from atleast 6 months before the treatment process. It is best to know everything about the procedure like the treatment process, precautions, chances of success and as important the finances, before you consent.

Switch to a healthy lifestyle by incorporating a few changes in the everyday routine.

  • First and most important: Stop smoking. Smoking decreases ovulation and may also harm the Fallopian tubes and cervix. Risk of miscarriage also increases.
  • Obesity affects the body and obstructs ovulation. Even the highly underweight people are at risk.
  • Stop or atleast reduce intake of alcohol. Alcohol increases the risks of abortion and live birth.
  • Know what you are getting into and prepare yourself. Gather information and plan well ahead.
  • It is best to avoid STDs at anytime in life and especially more so if you are planning to have a baby

A healthy diet is a must when planning an IVF treatment. In fact a healthy diet is best throughout life. Diet and exercise combined provide the best results. Include proteins in the diet as it helps to maintain blood sugar balance and supplies nutrients especially to the body hormones which provide a healthy reproductive system. Eat foods with folic acid in them, such as leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, dried beans, and whole grain products.

  • Exercise is essential for a person’s overall health and well being. Exercise within the comfort zone. In fact mild or moderate exercise may be advised while undergoing IVF treatment. Diet and exercise combined provide the best results.
  • Manage Stress: IVF stress can impact on the marital relationships and reduce sexual intimacy between the couple.

Tips to cope while undergoing Infertility Treatment

  • Know what you are getting into. Discuss your options with the family. It is best to have an alternate plan if required.
  • Discuss your problems. Be honest about everything. Struggle with infertility may have changed you or taken a toll on you. Stay in an emotionally happy environment.
  • Your friends and family can be quite helpful in your worst times. Make a support group of people you have confidence in. Stay in touch with other infertility patients also gives insights into their experiences, and they can understand your issues better.
  • The most difficult time is the waiting period between transfer and test results. Stay strong and be positive.

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