Possible Causes for a false-positive pregnancy test result

Pregnancies are commonly figured out with the help of home pregnancy tests. Home pregnancy tests are generally dipsticks that are dipped into the urine of the expectant woman. The human chorionic gonadotropin, commonly called hCG, levels in the urine are detected to know if the woman is pregnant or not.

Known brands of pregnancy kits are mostly accurate. However, they aren’t 100% foolproof. Home pregnancy tests are not completely accurate. These pregnancy tests can show a false positive or negative result due to a number of reasons.

The possible causes for a false pregnancy test result are:

  1. Usage error
    This is the most common mistake while taking a pregnancy test. It is important to follow the directions mentioned on the test cover and do the steps accordingly. It is also important that you check the expiration date before using it. Another common mistake is to take the test early during your cycle. It is also advised to take the test early in the morning before the consumption of any other fluid
    Usage error
  2. Recent abortion or miscarriage
    It is not advisable to take a pregnancy test when you have had a recent abortion or miscarriage. hCG levels continue to rise as the placenta grows, doubling every few days and peaking at around 10 weeks during the pregnancy. It is a slow process but when a pregnancy ends, hCG levels begin to recede. The hCG hormone tends to remain in the urine for a few days which can indicate false pregnancy. Even during a miscarriage, the Hcg levels remain elevated post the loss
  3. Medications
    Certain medications increase the hCG levels in the urine that could indicate a false positive pregnancy. Certain fertility shots are given when a person is trying to get pregnant, this triggers the hCG levels in the urine that can indicate a positive test result on the pregnancy test
  4. Chemical pregnancy
    Sometimes known as “chemical pregnancy”, the test can come as positive even if you are not pregnant. When a fertilized egg, known as the embryo, is unable to implant, or grow, it is called a chemical pregnancy. It can occur as a result of uterus issues such as:
    • Fibroids
    • Irregularly shaped uterus
    • Scar tissue
  5. Ectopic Pregnancy
    An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg can implant itself outside of the main cavity of the uterus. It usually happens if a fertilized egg gets stuck in a fallopian tube during its journey to the uterus
  6. Evaporation lines
    In a home pregnancy test, the lines are usually a bright color, such as pink, red, or blue. Sometimes, a faint-colored second line will appear. In most cases, this is mistaken as a positive pregnancy result.
    Evaporation lines

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