Treatment to overcome infertility – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Infertility is now out of the closet and is discussed as any other ailment. There is no stigma or embarrassment attached to infertility and the fact that even men can have fertility issues is accepted. Now the woman is not the only one to be blamed for not bearing a child. Although widely accepted in the urban and educated society it is still not an accepted thought in the rural areas. There are Fertility Clinics in Hyderabad and other metro cities which provide complete treatment and care right from counselling, testing to delivering a baby. In fact Fertility Specialists in Hyderabad are completely competent to handle male infertility issues.

After initial investigations and diagnostic tests, reports are assessed and a treatment plan is prescribed.

What is Infertility?

Infertility is condition where couples are incapable of conceiving and having a baby over a period of time. The cause could be a disorder of the reproductive system in either the male or the female. Over the years female infertility has been widely accepted and a lot of research has gone into finding cures and alternate methods of conception like IVF treatments etc. Expert Fertility Centres in Hyderabad and other towns/cities have been established to address female infertility issues.

Research has proved that even males can be afflicted with infertility. The new and advanced Fertility Clinics in Hyderabad have an entire department dedicated to diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.

What are the factors that cause Male Infertility?

A very low sperm count or poor quality sperm is the root cause of male infertility. Physiological issues like an irreversible vasectomy or blocked and or missing tubes in the reproductive system of the males is another important cause.

Common causes of low sperm counts

  • Lifestyle
  • Health issues like diabetes, infections
  • Substance abuse
  • Some medications

What are the treatments for Male Infertility?

A healthy diet and exercise is recommended for the overall health of a person. Specific male infertility treatments may include

  • Surgery: To correct blockages or if required retrieve sperm
  • Treatment of infections: Antibiotics may be prescribed to clear infections
  • Treatment of sexual intercourse problems: Counselling or medication or both to treat dysfunction
  • Hormonal treatment with medication: Medication or hormone therapy may be advised

If the above treatments prove to be ineffective, then the last course would be Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). In common parlance the sperm is harvested from the male and injected into the female egg. The fertilization process takes place outside the body in strict laboratory conditions. Once fertilised the embryo is placed in the reproductive system of the female for normal gestation.

The process of harvesting the male sperm is known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. ICSI is an easy to perform and painless procedure which has been very successful. It was developed mainly as treatment for male infertility but was found to be very successful in ART procedures. The success rate has made it the most favoured fertilization method all over the world for all types of IVF procedures today.

Juhi Fertility Centre is a state of the art Fertility Clinic in Hyderabad with a panel of expert and qualified doctors, latest and precision lab equipment, humane and caring staff. The approach towards male or female infertility is very humane and complete confidentiality is followed. For a complete and a happy family visit Juhi fertility Centre. To know more contact us on +91 9573744646

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