A human body is a complex organism and inside each human there exists a complex organism, a mass of moving parts that are intricately linked. They are various vital organs from muscles to bones, tissues and glands, among which glands release chemicals called as Hormones which works to maintain internal stability and the body’s overall health.


Hormones are referred to as Proteins or Steroids that are secreted directly into the bloodstream, thus playing a critical role in many body functions like:

  • Body’s metabolism of minerals.
  • Regulation of fluids.
  • Reproduction.
  • Sexual Function.
  • Responses to stress.

If the person’s hormones are in balance, then such a person can sleep well; have lots of energy, and a strong sex drive. Also the body’s immune system and digestive system should be able to function smoothly.

It is when a gland malfunctions; it leads to what is called as Hormonal Imbalance which means the gland will produce too little or too much of hormones into the human body at a given time. When that happens, it can cause a wide array of health issues ranging from Diabetes to High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease. They can also cause emotional symptoms and may trigger or increase the chances of a variety of age-related diseases.

However many of these age-related diseases can be prevented or their intensity reduced a lot through proper hormone optimization early on.

At Juhi Fertility Centre, a leading Fertility Hospital in Hyderabad, a complete range of treatment and care is offered, including customised hormone evaluation and therapy that will ensure that the patient’s body gets the right amount of the hormones that is required to prevent the onset of disease and stay healthy as the body ages while ensuring that the body stays energised.




Medical studies reveal that most women with hormonal imbalance do not know that many of their symptoms are linked directly to their hormones, even when they suffer from any one or more of the following:

  • IRREGULAR PERIODS: It’s a sign that there is a disruption in the woman’s hormonal activity that controls menstruation. OFTEN the cause is attributed to imbalance between estrogen and progesterone that occurs due to the strong effects of the stress hormone called Cortisol.
  • WEIGHT-GAIN: A change in the weight or body-shape of the woman is caused by shifting hormones, especially in menopause, which tells that the body has to store fat in the abdomen.
  • IRRITABILITY / MOODINESS: If the woman has a feeling out of control or feels overwhelmed then it means that she is having sudden changes in the balance of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone or suffers from adrenal stress imbalances.
  • SKIN ISSUES: A skin issue called Adult Acne is associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal condition that also causes irregular or absent menstrual periods due to ovulation irregularities.
  • HAIR LOSS / UNUSUAL HAIR GROWTH: Imbalances in thyroid function or between estrogen and testosterone can lead to thinning hair while high levels of Testosterone can lead to unusual hair growth including on the face.
  • INFERTILITY: Women with PCOS are said to often have high amounts of Androgens (including Testosterone) as well as Insulin resistance.
  • FATIGUE / LOSS OF ENERGY: It can occur even where the woman has plenty of sleep leaving her feeling physically and emotionally drained. They are said to be caused by thyroid imbalances and chronic stress problems.

Some female Hormonal Imbalances are said to occur due to their lifestyle habits. In some cases, the woman can experience symptoms of imbalanced hormones without having a specific disorder. That is why it’s important to know the problem which causes hormonal imbalance.

A woman can live with her hormonal imbalances symptoms for a certain period of time after which it will start affecting her health and well-being. That is why it’s important to know the exact symptom of the hormonal imbalance problem so that appropriate treatment can be suggested to set right the problem.


  • SEXUAL PROBLEMS: Like low semen volume, low libido and erectile dysfunction.
  • BREAST ENLARGEMENT: A man generally produces both testosterone and estrogen. An increase in Estrogen and a decrease in Testosterone cause Breast Enlargement, an expression of female characteristic.
  • HEALTH ISSUES: Includes Bloating, Headaches, Cold Feet or hands, Sleeping or Memory problems, all linked with high estrogen levels.
  • INFERTILITY: A problem that occurs when a man is unable to have a child even after engaging in regular, unprotected sexual intercourse for about a year. It’s caused by low sperm counts or low sperm quality and could also be a symptom of hormonal imbalance as several hormones are often involved in sperm production.
  • BREAST MILK PRODUCTION: It’s a problem called Galactorrhea wherein man like a woman starts producing breast milk (in woman’s case when she is not breast-feeding). In a man’s case, the problem arises from certain hormonal imbalances.



At Juhi Fertility Centre (JFC), the following steps are initiated to detect the cause of hormonal imbalance:

  • Information gathering about Family history and personal health goals.
  • Full hormonal evaluation to measure hormone levels and deficiencies.
  • For evaluation of hormones, variety of methods is used including Saliva Testing, Blood Diagnostics and Urine Analysis.

Once done, the doctor at JFC then determines the appropriate treatment plan for balancing the patient’s body natural chemistry.


  • Appropriate physical examination.
  • Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) to help determine cellular health and body composition.
  • Coordination for appropriate testing including blood, saliva, and urine.
  • Recommendation of appropriate dietary and supplement changes.
  • Follow-up visit.
  • Review of all diagnostic test results.
  • Initiation of appropriate bio-identical hormone replacement.

If the doctor at JFC finds out that you’re suffering from Hormonal Imbalance, then the doctor will create a customised Hormone Therapy treatment plan which may include:

  • Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy.
  • An all-natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) wherein patient receives hormones derived from plant and animal sources to replace the hormones that the body lacks. The same is done vide oral or injectable treatment.

BHRT when compared to traditional Hormone replacement therapy is preferred for it’s safer, easier, more affordable and above all, cause less side-effects. The doctor at JFC customises the dosage and strength to suit each patient’s needs. The best thing is that the hormones are molecularly identical to the hormones that the patient’s body produces.


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