Farheen Siddqui

Thank to Allah first, I am very very happy, because, I am very distrub with me. Now i am happy and my husband also very happy. Thank to hospital Juhi Fertility Center's of life Fertility Treatment hospital and thank to Dr. Nirmala Agarwal. Ok pray for me

Aise Ramadhan Muna

Ooh what can i say! I'm speachless. Thank you God for everything. I'm very happy for my results. Really happy. I would like to thank all doctors at Juhi Fertility Centre, You really and truly friends and the only family i had here. God bless you all. I real appreciate for your first good services. To all staff here i would to thank you all for being my family and taking goodcare of me. God bless you all. If not all of you i wouldn't made this so for. You all people at this centre who lights up my spirit everyday. God bless you all. Thanks a lot.


I am Indu got Pregnant in Juhi Fertility Center by IVF Treatment. Thank you soooo much to Juhi Treatment. I am blessed with twins.

Meera Busa

Thank You God for sending an Angel called Dr. Nirmala Agarwal in our lives who gifted us with a priceless gift of our lives. I got pregnant here in Juhi Fertility Center under Dr. Nirmala Agarwals Treatment & her team. I Thank the whole team who lifted up my spirits & gave me a home like atmosphere here. Thank You all for Your all time homely support. God Bless You All.


Thank You Very Much Madam for giving baby and Thank's to your staff.


Dear Nirmala Madam & Team
Thanks for your Treatment along with support & guidance given to us. With your support we were able to make right decision to ahead with this Treatment. Thank You once again to each & every member in Juhi Fertility Center.

K. Amrutha

Dear Nirmala Madam,
Namasthe. Thank You for Your Treatment Procedure is well and the other Doctors also giving good advices about Treatment seen ended. Hence once again i would like to ever greatful to your Hospital. Thanking You one and all.


Dear Madam
Thank You for Your support. We are very happy. Thank You to all the Juhi staff.

K. Shailaja

Dear Doctor Nirmala Agarwal and the whole Juhi team - i would like Thank each & every person over here for supporting & special care given to me. Special Thanks to whole Juhi Team

Pankaj Shilpa Dara

Dear Doctors and entire staff we are really Thankfull to You a lot and wish you get success in each and every case you handle and should in no:1 position. We are really greatful to you once again that you have given us and our family members a great memorable moments for whole of our life time.

Sonia Kedia

Dear Doctors and staff of Juhi Fertility Center, I have the greatest happiness of my life to your hardwork & belief that i will also be blessed. Thank You all very much for everything and most of all for the moral support that i got from each and every one at Juhi Fertility Center in the long journey of Treatment. I will be greatful to the Juhi Team for my entire life.


Dear Dr.Nirmala Agarwalji Madam, I am very glad to say that you and your staff made my life meaningful, Right from the day first you have given right kind of Treatment and Supportive positive nature towards me. Which is comes to me a great day. I am very much Thankful to you Madam. You always stright forward in every way which comes all positive and trusting to everybody. Atlast We are very much thankful you are always great madam.

P. Sameera

First of all My Heartful Thanks to Nirmala Madam, Femina Madam and all the staff members. You people are really wonderful at your work. We are so happy that we came to you. We just love the way you treat us patients just like your family we feel at home when you are around, Once again a very big thanks to all the members of Juhi Fertility Center.

D. Anuradha

Dear Dr. Nirmala Agarwal Madam, I am D. Anuradha, w/o D. Chandrasekhar. First of all My Heartful Thanks to Nirmala Madam, We went so many hospitals, but we didn't get any result. Fortunately we came Juhi Fertility Center, Here Nirmala Madam & Staff are very good. The way Dr. Nirmala Madam Treats me very well. If anyone ask me about Fertility Hospital I'll Definitely tell about Juhi Fertility Center.

Swapna Badhwar

I am Swapna Badhwar. I have been going through Infertility Treatments for a couple of years now. I First came to know about your clinic via internet and them through a doctor. I am very glad i visited because it resulted in my pregnancy. I am 4 months pregnant now. What i liked the most about their centre is the personal care that i received and the Friendliness of all the staff. I recomended this clinic to anyone who is going through Infertility.

G. Padma

First of all My Heartful Thanks to Nirmala Madam, My name is G. Padma w/o G. Naga Bhushan. We are worried about fertility problem from last 20 years. Fortunately we heared your hospital name & we follow all precausions now we blessed with a active boy. We can't forgot your services. We recomended this clinic to anyone who is going through Infertility. Once again My Heartful Thanks to Dr. Nirmala Madam.

Dr. G.V Krishna Reddy

I am Dr. G.V Krishna Reddy. We felt anormous happy. It's Unexpressed we got pregnancy positive. This entire thing is possible Only with your esteemed Fertility Centre. We have seen many hospitals and fertility centres, but nothing is cross with Juhi Concerned to care, facility and moreover "TRUST".


I am Sailaja. I live in singapore, I have pcos diagnosed last year in singapore, We had 7 cycles of clomid & two failed IUI'S in singapore. We were shattered and frustated that we are unable to have a ababy from past one & half yrs. Finally we are at the right place 7 right time, we are at Juhi Fertility Center with Dr. Nirmala Agarwal referred by Dr.V. Sarala. I am so glad and thankful to Dr. Nirmala mada, who made our dream come true. i strongly refer Juhi Fertility Center every single couple who are struggling to have a baby. Thanks to Dr. Nirmala Mam.

Reshma Reddy

I am Reshma Reddy having excellent Treatment in your hospital. Every nurse is Cooperative. Every doctor is Cooperative and very thankful for your hospital for the Treatment. I am Venkat Husband of Reshma Reddy. Treatment is good. Great support from Doctors and staff.

Meena Dinesh Patel

I am very happy that i have became pregnant after 7 years of marriage. My husband and my relatives are very happy. My parents are also happy to hear good news that i'm pregnant. I'm very thankful to doctors and staff of the hospital.

Moona Abdullah

I am Moona Abdullah. I am so happy today that am pregnant and am thankfull to doctors & nurses they are very kind of very helpfull excellent Treatment of this

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